Daripada ABU HURAIRAH r.a, RasuluLLah SAW bersabda:
"Barangsiapa yang menyeru (manusia) kepada hidayah, maka baginya pahala sebanyak pahala yang diperolehi oleh orang-orang yang mengikutnya tanpa dikurangi sedikitpun pahala mereka." Diriwayatkan oleh Muslim dalam kitab al-'Ilm (2674), Imam Malik dalam Muattha'(2674), Ahmad (9171), Abu Dawud (4609), Turmudzi (2674), ad-Darimi (513), ibnu Majah (206), ibnu Hibban (112), al-Bagahwi (109)


Here again, i would like to ask some questions about Islam... Hopefuly nobody will get hurt with my questions coz i think it's better for me to ask about Islam to the muslims rather than to a non-muslim.. .

WHY there are so many DOs and DON'Ts in islam?
And why there are so many punishments in Islam?

As what i can see, there are so many DOs and (especially) DON'Ts in islam. This indicates that Islam has confined the muslims from having their own freedom. Muslims are constricted by so many rules thus made them hard to succeed in their life. even in small things, people cannot understand why islam prohibits doing something while it has not given any harm. even the muslims cannot understand but they keep practising and obey because the have to succumb to the islamic laws.

Some muslims are not a good muslim (as what i heard). Well, maybe.... because of feeling fraught, muslims themselves cannot afford to ptactise islam...

Answers :

Answer 1 :
I totally understand your question especially if you are a non-muslim. Of course non-muslims will wonder why there are so many Don’ts in Islam (for eg., cannot eat pork, cannot drink alcoholic drinks, cannot have extramarital sex, cannot have same sex marriage, cannot commit adultery).

And among the Do’s in Islam are: pray 5 times a day, fast for 1 month once a year, pay the zakat, and pilgrim to Makkah once in a lifetime, be kind to your parents, teachers etc.

Maybe for some people it's easier to do all the bad things in this world (like cheating, corruption, rape, etc) than doing one good deed (eg,be kind to animals or remove the stone from the middle of the road). Of course they will find Islam is difficult to practise.

And I’m sure if there are less Do’s and Don’ts in Islam, maybe there will be less people out there who will raise their eyebrows and say,” Aiya, you muslim ah?” But in my opinion, your question is likened to somebody asking, “Why there are so many oceans on this planet and none on others?” or “Why some planets have so many moons and earth has only one moon?”

The fact is this, Islam comes from the One and Only God, therefore God has ordered and designed it according to HIS way. Whoever follows Islam the way Allah has prescribed it, he/she will be successful not just in this life but also in the Hereafter. Whoever doesn’t, they may have temporary enjoyment in this life (amusement and play) but they will never attain true happiness and will be among the failures in the Hereafter.

Secondly, it shows that Islam is NOT from any humans who can design it according to his /her/their way just to please themselves.( eg, “Aiya, cincai cincai lah).

Allah knows best.

Answer 2 :
For Allah the One who creates us...He knows what is best for us and what is worst. So Allah gives us a manual / guideline which is stated in it what shall we do and don't do to make sure we live in a proper way. whether the reason for don'ts and dos is far to be reached with our mind, but there are reasons...only Allah knows. Islam is the way of life.

it is like only engineers know about cars and they provide us a manual to be read, what must we do and don't do to our cars to maintain their quality. other things like hand phone, they came out with thick manual provided by their engineers just to guide us how to use them in a right way.

what will happen to the items if we not fully followed the guidelines stated by engineers or their creators? whether the product cant be use optimally or the jangkahayat tak panjang. what will happen to us if we dont follow the dos and donts stated by Allah?

Answer 3 :
Cigarette is forbidden is Islam. If you take it, then not only you harm yourself but you also harm the people around you. If you say for example that there is no harm smoking, then you are biased when you say that there is no harm in smoking or drinking. It is like saying that a BAD THING (smoking and drinking liquor) is permissible to do.

I do not see how the DOs and DONTs will cause you not to be successful. I became a better person after becoming a muslim. I feel that the only way to be successful is to follow the rule. The only one rule. That is to obey Allah SAW. I give you one example. If you are a very good businessman, and you have all the financial stability there is to a man. The only bad thing is you like to drink liquor. Will your life considered successful? Will you have a happy marriage life if you are a drunkard?

All the things that are prohibited is been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to bring harm to us if we do it.

Allah SAW knows best what is good and what is best for us because HE is our creator. It was only proven now that what was prohibited to us is harmful, the Quran revealed this 1400 years ago. Amazing!

The muslims practice sometimes without knowing why they are prohibited and why they are allowed to because we believes in Allah SAW, the creator of universe.

I agree that there are good muslims as well as bad ones. We cannot judge a religion by its people because people make mistakes.

Feel free to ask more questions. We are always here to try and answer you.

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