Daripada ABU HURAIRAH r.a, RasuluLLah SAW bersabda:
"Barangsiapa yang menyeru (manusia) kepada hidayah, maka baginya pahala sebanyak pahala yang diperolehi oleh orang-orang yang mengikutnya tanpa dikurangi sedikitpun pahala mereka." Diriwayatkan oleh Muslim dalam kitab al-'Ilm (2674), Imam Malik dalam Muattha'(2674), Ahmad (9171), Abu Dawud (4609), Turmudzi (2674), ad-Darimi (513), ibnu Majah (206), ibnu Hibban (112), al-Bagahwi (109)


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Before I begin this story, I want to say a brief introduction to who I was before. I never wore hijab and it never came to my mind. I was another person back then… and here is how I changed to who I am now, how my world switched to the better … this is the dream that changed my life completely…

It all began on a Wednesday morning…

It’s a normal day, like any other day… and it was time to go to sleep. Let’s say it was about 3.30 in the morning. I had a dream that came to me that removed me from the darkness and brought me to the light.

In the dream… here he was, a man covered with light but his face did not show, whispered in my ears and I still hear his voice in my head!!! He was saying “you’re going to die tomorrow”, nearly three times in a row, it’s like he’s certain that tomorrow is my day. I felt scared and shocked also! When I woke up, “Sobhan Allah” it was immediately the fajir prayer, “Allahoo Akbar”.
I ran to my father and told him somebody was talking to me and I saw him but of course he did not believe me. He said “read surat Al-Kursi and say Besmelah and return back to sleep”. The next day, my father told me lets go out but I told him I will not go out unless wearing a hijab. At that time, my dad was against the hijab and refused to let me wear it but I wore it anyway. I knew what i was doing was right and I knew someday my dad will understand me.

The day I wore the hijab… I found out that something was missing in my life and I finally found it. It was a day ill never forget! I will never forget the experience that I had and how my life had changed after wearing it. The hijab made me feel pure and special “Subhan Allah.” I do not want to remember my old life but “ilhamdulilah” Allah saved me from the darkness. People should not live as if they are going to live forever; no one knows when his day will come, only Allah Subhana Wata’ala.

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“Ya Allah, sesungguhnya kami bermohon pertolongan Mu, kami meminta ampun kepada Mu, kami memohon petunjuk dari Mu, kami beriman kepada Mu, kami berserah kepada Mu dan kami memuji Mu dengan segala kebaikan, kami mensyukuri dan tidak mengkufuri Mu, kami melepaskan diri daripada sesiapa yang durhaka kepada Mu.

Ya Allah, Engkau yang kami sembah dan kepada Engkau kami bersalat dan sujud, dan kepada Engkau jualah kami datang bergegas, kami mengharap rahmat Mu dan kami takut akan azab Mu kerana azab Mu yang sebenar akan menyusul mereka yang kufur Ya Allah, Muliakanlah Islam dan masyarakat Islam. Hentikanlah segala macam kezaliman dan permusuhan, Bantulah saudara-saudara kami di mana sahaja mereka berada. Angkatlah dari mereka kesusahan, bala, peperangan dan permusuhan.

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